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Organic Maple-Cured Streaky Bacon

170 grams

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Traditionally dry cured for a minimum of 6 days, using simple salts with a extra maple syrup giving this bacon just a little extra sweetness. Streaky bacon is naturally higher in fat but when cooked this renders out beautifully leaving you with possibly the tastiest bacon ever. Rind-on and sliced thicker for a fuller flavour.*** We're proud to source our organic free-range pork from Gill Wing Farm in Sussex. Having visited them we can confidently say that these animals have been bred and reared to highest possible standards. Happy pigs. ***. Note that the air-drying process can lead to a natural discolouration. This doesn't affect the quality of the product.

High protein

Made with

Pork, salt, sugar, maple syrup, sodium nitrite

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London Smoke and Cure

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An innovative little smokehouse out to change your perception of how good food can get.

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