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Mixed Vegetable Crisps

12 x 40g
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Crafted from select red and golden beetroot, then hand seasoned with horseradish and dill – for that extra tangy flavour hit! Beetroot is the cool kid on the block. It’s super versatile and each packet is ready to prove that your beetroot shouldn’t be served raw, juiced, boiled, steamed or pickled – it should be served with a tasty crunch! These artisan crisps will ensure you’ll never miss a beat!

Not only is our sweet potato one of the most nutritious treats the vegetable kingdom has to offer – it also tastes incredible if you add a little heat! So we’ve made these crisps thoughtfully spicy. In fact, they’re flaming delicious (cheesy, we know). All thanks to the addition of jalapeño, a classic sprinkle of cheese and smoked paprika. Judges at the Guild Of Fine Food prestigious Great Taste Awards 2013 granted us a sought after Gold Star for this fiery combo! Hot stuff and we’re not afraid to flaunt it!

We use class A vegetables from British producers and add delicious, sweet manuka honey and a handful of carefully crafted spices. Our Parsnip Crisps are high in fibre and huge in flavour with a touch of spice, making these fresh, natural crisps, quite simply, the bee’s knees! We were very happy that foodie experts agreed and the judges from Guild Of Fine Food awarded us a gold star at the Great Taste Awards 2014 for these crunchy, sweet and spicy crisps.

Gluten free

Made with

Beetroot (59%), sunflower oil, rice flour, salt, dried yeast extract, dried horseradish, natural flavourings (including natural dill flavouring and natural mustard flavouring), dried onion, dried horseradish extract, maltodextrin, dill, dill seed. Sweet potato (59%), sunflower oil, rice flour, salt, sugar, dried cheese, herbs and spices (including smoked paprika and jalapeño chilli), dried garlic, dried bell pepper, maltodextrin, cider vinegar, dried buttermilk, yeast extract, natural flavourings, dried onion. Parsnip (60%), sunflower oil, maltodextrin, natural flavourings (including Manuka honey), salt, dried garlic, herbs and spices, dried onion, rice flour

Allergy Information

Contains mustard

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

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Leighton Brown Crisps

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Award winning vegetable crisps

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