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Made in Cambodia

Organic White Kampot Pepper

3 x 30g
Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

Great Taste 2017 : 1 Star Award Winner

White Kampot Pepper is made by picking the pepper once it has turned red, placing the pepper in hot water for two minutes and then removing the skins. This is then dried for a week to reveal a white pepper.

The natural enzymes in the outer husk (pericarp) are removed leaving a pure piperine intensity without adding (much) flavour. Best used when seasoning foods that already provide good taste. The peperine warms up your taste buds and jumps straight to the back of your palette, significantly magnifying your food flavours without interfering with them. Ideal for seasoning seafood, desserts and savoury foods.

White Kampot Peppercorns have a nutty, almost fruity note combined with an underlying heat that just keeps coming, more so than any other pepper in the world. White Kampot Pepper is the very best seasoning compliment to a high-quality salt.

Each pepper box contains 90g of pepper – 3 x 30g vacuum packed sachets.


Made with

White Kampot peppercorns

Storage / use by instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving Recommendation

Great in white sauces, and on fish, used extensively in Asian cooking. To understand our White Kampot Pepper try a small piece of the cheese without the pepper and you will get the cheddar taste for 25-30 seconds, then try another piece with ground White Kampot Pepper, the taste will be dramatically enhanced and will taste for much longer

Returns policy

We will refund the price paid for the goods, if the goods are unopened, within 14 days of purchase.


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