Dan Pearce & Ansje Germann
Dan Pearce & Ansje Germann

Jake's Boost

Ascot, UK
Trading Since 2015
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All natural nut & seed butters with a mission.

We are pretty outdoorsy people – going for long walks with our dog in the fresh air, hiking, skiing and running are just some of our favourite activities on top of cooking, baking and more importantly eating. One of our top energy boosting choices is a spoonful of nut butter and we are always on the lookout for a yummy nutty snack in our local supermarket.

But we were pretty disappointed by the spreads that were on offer: crammed with additives and high in sugars. Of course you can find some healthier options now, but even pure peanut or almond butter can get a bit boring...

Not only do we enjoy natural, healthy food but we think of ourselves as very caring humans too: for the environment, animals, the poor and in particular vulnerable children. Again, additive-free treats that not only made us feel good but did good for someone else were hard to come by... so we decided to do it ourselves, with 5% of our profits going to childhood food poverty charities.