Sarah Napier
Sarah Napier

Granola for Gangsters

Amsterdam, NL & London, UK
Trading Since 2014
  • Organic
  • Granola
  • Refined Sugar Free

Granola for Gangsters, 100% natural. Keepin' it real.

Say yo to G small batch granola, handmade and baked with attitude.

Sarah – an Amsterdam-based graphic designer – hand bakes Granola for Gangsters in small batches, sourcing local and organic produce where possible. ‘G’ mashes together complementary and surprising flavour combinations that are addictive for their goodness and deliciousness and not because they feed a sugar craving. Unlike other breakfast cereals out there, ‘G’ is refined sugar free and only sweetened with what comes naturally – a little bit of honey and a lot of juicy fruit.

Sarah started making the granola at home about 2 years ago. G was born out of a struggle to find a nutritious breakfast cereal that wasn't loaded with sugar and unnatural ingredients. When friends and small cafés started ordering it, she soon thought, why not try turning it into a brand?

Being a graphic designer, Sarah was up for the challenge. All of the other granolas on the market looked the same – brown paper bags, tied with string – you know, granola for grannies. Sarah wanted to ignite a rebellion against boring breakfast, and so, Granola for Gangsters was born.

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