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Wolfberry & Jujube Chutney

214 grams

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Wolfberries have long been recognised for their great medicinal purposes. Crammed with nutrients, they were eaten to boost immunity and improve eye health. The native people in the Himalayan mountain regions who include wolfberries in their regular diet enjoy remarkable health and longevity. The average woman in the Hunza tribe lives to be 100 years of age. Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, sexual dysfunction and depression are totally unknown to the Hunza people.

Jujube dates are historically renowned for building blood and boosting energy. The fruits have claimed beauty and health benefits, they are warming, soothe the mind and increase energy.

In Chinese medicine these fruits are combined to sooth the nerves, calm palpitations and enhance fertility!

Low sodium
Peanut free
Nothing artificial
Egg free
Dairy free

Made with

Wolfberries, jujubes, apples, sultanas, brown sugar, malt vinegar, Himalayan salt, spices

Allergy Information

Contains barley, gluten, sulphites

Storage / use by instructions

See stamp for best before. Store in cool, dry place. Once opened, keep chilled and use within three months.

Safety Warning

May contain small stones and pips

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