Lucy Ponsonby
Lucy Ponsonby

GB Chew

Oxon, UK
Trading Since 2015
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Avoid succumbing to the bland or bad, GB chew is here to offer you salvation

Making ludicrously healthy, plentiful and gloriously balanced snacks. Training as a chef at Leith's School of Food and Wine, I became aware of how much refined sugar and processed food was in our everyday diet. I experienced the impact of this myself because after the sugar hit I felt hungry 10 minutes later and a little brain fogged! It got me thinking about something just as delicious but more nourishing, satisfying and substantial.

Not a protein, super energy bar but a nutrient dense and fibre rich 100% raw snack you can still enjoy with a cuppa. For 18 months I traded coffee and raw snacks from my vintage Citroen H van in Brook Green, Hammersmith and other locations in London. These scrumptious GB chews have become popular with office-goers, busy city dwellers, mummies, daddies and even active kiddies. Creating distinctly tasty snacks that make for a healthier gut is my mission so that more of you can live happier and healthier lives.