Janet & Hannah
Janet & Hannah

Fodify Foods

London, UK
Trading Since 2016
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Carefully curated, FODMAP free foods

Fodify Foods’ products have been carefully created from low FODMAP ingredients, without losing taste or versatility.

Janet and Hannah met whilst studying Nutrition and Dietetics in London, and between them have over 15 years’ experience working as UK dietitians.

They combined forces to launch Fodify in 2015 after comparing notes and discussing the lack of convenient food options without onion and garlic.

FODMAPs are a group of short chain carbohydrates present naturally in foods such as wheat, dairy and various fruits and vegetables.

The result is a variety of simple yet healthy food options made only from low FODMAP ingredients.

Our recipes

Fodify Thai Green Chicken Curry
Moroccan Veg Couscous
Mexican Chicken Fajitas