Rita Duarte, Clara Tudela, Pedro Duarte
Rita Duarte, Clara Tudela, Pedro Duarte

Dona Rita

London, UK
Trading Since 2017
  • Snacks
  • Traditional
  • Gluten Free

Bringing to Brazil's favourite snack to London

Pão de Queijo (or cheese bread) is a staple snack at most cafes, restaurants and dinner parties across Brazil. It’s cheesily addictive and naturally gluten free. A proper Pão de Queijo is a two-bite business: crunchy outside and cloud-like inside. Made with cassava flour and cheese, it’s a farmer’s take on traditional European bread - without the wheat. Try pairing it with a short black coffee São Paulo style, or covered in your favourite jam for a sweet contrast. When Rita left the tropics for Norwich she missed Pão de Queijo so much she started baking it from scratch, rolling every puff by hand and using the freshest traditional ingredients. She has been perfecting her secret family recipe for the last 15 years, and now, with the help of her son Pedro, is sharing it with Londoners.
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