Jean & Martin
Jean & Martin

Deli Farm Charcuterie

Cornwall, UK
Trading Since 2006
  • Charcuterie
  • Gluten Free
  • Salami
  • Meat

Deli Farm Charcuterie - one of the UK’s leading producers of British air dried charcuterie.

The idea of making British charcuterie came about by a passing comment concerning the fact that it was almost impossible to purchase good quality salami in this country, let alone any air dried British charcuterie products.

Neither Martin nor Jean have had a background in the food industry, but have always appreciated good food. They spent a lot of time researching techniques and equipment and their first experimental batch of salami was made using an old smoker that Martin altered – wow, how things have changed!

February, 2006, trading began. Prime cuts of meat are sourced from local selected producers; this is mixed with freshly ground herbs and spices and carefully hand crafted into natural casings. They are then hung up and left to slowly dry; air-dried products have a long shelf life and, like a good wine, improve with time.

Deli Farm Charcuterie has now been proudly producing multi award winning air dried cured meats and salami for 10 years, supplying top chefs all over the UK.