Olivia Henson & George Hughes-Davies
Olivia Henson & George Hughes-Davies

Daily Dose

Battersea, UK
Trading Since 2016
  • Healthy
  • Juice
  • Cold pressed

Daily Dose, fresh cold pressed juice made daily in our Battersea pressery.

George started Daily Dose after graduating from university in 2015. Growing up George developed a passion for health and fitness and began juicing while at university to try and stay healthy. Very quickly his focus was improved, energy levels were up and he soon realised he'd discovered the ultimate hangover cure. While his friends went off to find a job in the City, he travelled from New York to Los Angeles to embark on a juice pilgrimage. He realised London was lacking great quality, fresh, cold pressed juices that hadn't been sitting on a shelf for a month and he decided that needed to change.

Daily Dose started in George's kitchen and quickly developed a cult following among the cafes in and around Dulwich. George hand picks the fruit in New Covent Garden Market twice a week, then our small but skilled team of expert juicers hand press the ingredients and hand pour the juices into bottles, ensuring optimum quality at every step of the way.

The fruit we buy is mainly Category 2, meaning it's not "pretty" enough for supermarkets and would otherwise be thrown away! Sustainability is a big part of the Daily Dose ethos so minimal wastage is very important to us. We have now moved out of George's kitchen and into our Battersea pressery but our 6-strong team is still dedicated to making the best tasting, best quality juice you can find.

Our products

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