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Bold & Tonic Gift Set

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100ml Bold London Spirit and a 200ml bottle of Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic, packaged in a pretty gift set. Perfect for that friend who loves craft spirits and gin and tonics!

Made with

Bold London Spirit: neutral grain spirit, cherries, cassia bark, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, lemon, vanilla, raspberry leaf, star anise, juniper

Allergy Information

Contains no known allergens

Alcohol content

36% %

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

Serving Recommendation

Top up 50ml Bold London Spirit with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic. Serve in a tall glass with ice, with generous squeeze of orange wedge. Enjoy!

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Bold Spirits London

  • Spirits
  • Alcohol

A bold cherry aperitif inspired and handcrafted with quintessentially British flavours and aromas

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