Made by Black Saffron
Made in Iran

Premium Sargol Saffron

1 grams

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Black Saffron is grown in Northeast Iran on south sloping fields with high organic content soils – an ideal microclimate of indisputable provenance that produces the highest quality Persian Sargol Saffron (ISO 3632, Category 1). Treat these threads with the same gentle care with which they have been grown and handpicked. Always use a pestle and mortar and never throw whole threads into your dishes! Black Saffron represents the highest grade saffron and will release its full potency of aroma, colour and flavour only when crushed and ground!

Made with

100% Saffron

Allergy Information

Contains no known allergens

Storage / use by instructions

Store in cool, dry place.

Safety Warning

These threads are extremely dry which means very little of their weight is accounted for by water.

Returns policy

Please see Tabl’s returns policy


Black Saffron

  • Saffron
  • Premium
  • Spice

Black Saffron - making every meal precious

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