Lana & Miri Nela
Lana & Miri Nela

Balcony Tea

Brighton, UK
Trading Since 2014
  • Healthy
  • Tea
  • Herbal

A family-run, independent, British tea company based in Brighton, bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to you.

"Using memories from our childhood in the Mediterranean, we wanted to combine ancient herb harvesting techniques with traditional British tea blending and the latest tea packing technology. With every sip we’re aiming to transport you to the perfect Mediterranean Balcony bringing your tea-drinking experience to a new level” – says Lana and Miri.

Unlocking the best kept Mediterranean secrets with key ingredients that are traditionally used for health properties; wild thyme was believed by the Romans to be a mood enhancer, lime flower has traditionally been used to boost immunity and lemon balm to help to relax and refresh. Greek Mountain Tea is the best kept Mediterranean Secret, centenarian grandmas and grandpas recommend it as a cure-all, for these reasons you will find these herbs, along with many more in Balcony Teas.