Steve Davies
Steve Davies
9 April 2018

Spring Clean Your Kitchen Habits

We all love home-made food but with our busy lives it can be hard to find the time to rustle anything up. My company, A Very Nice Idea, is all about meal kits and spice blends to help you make food you can be proud of in no time at all. The dream is to have the time and energy when you get home from work to make eat something quick, delicious, healthy and not microwave-based. Dream no longer guys, because it’s all about cooking smart. Your kitchen process just needs a little Spring cleaning.

Plan your shop

Know what you want to eat over the next few days and only buy the ingredients you need. It’s as simple as keeping a shopping list on your phone, and keeping it up to date.

Get the basics

Staple ingredients in the house will always mean you are able to make meals with a few additions. Eggs, bread and tinned tomatoes are a must. Make sure the fridge is full of herbs, milk and cheese, with plenty of frozen veg, meat or fish. A well stocked spice rack is non-negotiable.

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Get as much done as early as possible; getting into the habit of pre-roasting veg and putting in the fridge, making extra portions to freeze or pre-grating cheese can be a life saver, and make the difference between passing out in front of the TV and having time for the extra episode of the box set you probably shouldn’t watch but can’t stop yourself.

Cook Quick Tool Kit

Bullet blender - for quick sauces, easy chopping and soups

Containers - tupperware, old soup pots or takeaway boxes - great for keeping prepped food in

Grater - vital for cheese and a great way to add extra veg to your meals

Scales - always have them handy

Post it notes - For recipes you like - stick them inside a kitchen cupboard door

Freezer bags & permanent markers - to keep track of what’s in your freezer. Unlabelled food when frozen has a habit of looking nothing like what went in there a couple of weeks earlier!

If you need more inspiration for a stress-free way to make meals that taste way better than the effort you need to put in, check out my store on Tabl for products and recipes.

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