Steve Davies
Steve Davies
22 March 2018

Easter Weekend Cocktails

Christmas is a distant memory, everyone has maintained a healthy buffer zone with their families since and now ready to spend a long weekend together again. Easter is a great excuse to indulge ourselves after three months of guiltily trying to shift the December ‘holiday weight’. This time of year is dominated by two foodstuffs - eggs & chocolate - so with that on our minds, we put together a round up of great cocktails to enjoy over the bank holiday.

Chilli Choc Martini

We are all aware that the true meaning of Easter is to consume as much chocolate and chocolate-based goods as possible. It’s like Christmas, but the sweet things are egg shaped. This cocktail allows you to maintain your own personal 75% cocoa content, with a lovely chilli kick, thanks to 55 Above's sensational vodka.

Westerhall No7 Egg Nog

Another indulgent drink, made in volumes to keep all the family happy (or at least help the chef deal with having so many guests). Creamy with warming spices and enough eggs to ensure its Easter credentials and full of Westerhall’s deep, almost smokey, caramel and molasses notes.

Gin Fizz

This cocktail is much lighter than the previous two, and included optimistically, in the hope that the weather will have taken a turn for the better by the time Easter Sunday rolls around. Fresh, fizzy and with a silky texture provided by the egg white (maintaining the loose, seasonal theme to the blog) the classic gin fizz can get you into practice ahead of the warmer months that we all pray are just around the corner.

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