Sheepa Miah
Sheepa Miah
26 January 2018

Tabl's Top 5 Food Trends for 2018

Tabl is your home for food. We have a incredible community of sellers and producers on board, as well as people who are passionate about food; from our customers to our Ambassadors.

We see and hear people excitedly talk about what's going on in the food scene, which has helped us identify a few key trends that we predict will become the next big thing in 2018. We've put together the top 5 food trends for this year, along with some recommendations for you to check out. From artisan products and recipes, to unique events, we've got you covered!

1) Fermented food

It started to pick up real traction last year, but we’re sure that this year people will be taking it even more seriously, especially as education around gut health is increasing and people are more aware of what goes into their body.

How about trying out a Roasted Aubergine with Turmeric & Kefir Dressing recipe from Joey O'Hare or even a Jerusalem artichoke, radicchio and apple salad with goat’s cheese recipe from The Urban Kitchen?

2) Plant-based diet

Modern day veganism isn’t just a fad. This is a lifestyle a lot of people are adopting; many for health reasons, whilst others for ethical reasons. There has been a surge in different types of plant-based proteins being developed and now even more vegan pop-ups and restaurants are coming on the scene - so watch this space.

If you're looking to discover new dining experiences this year, check out No Kill Grill - Vegan & Vegetarian Pop-up. Or even join the Vegan Cooking Class to learn some new skills!

3) Non-alcoholic drinks

Gone are the days where your only non-alcoholic option was a juice, fizzy drink or water. People are getting serious about non-alcoholic drinks with a lot of care going into them. There are some particular small producers on the market who have developed intricate recipes that could take on booze in a battle and may just win on flavour...

There are two drinks you need to know about: Botonique and Perceval Sea Buckthorn & White Tea Sparkling Drink.

4) The fourth meal

Someone’s invented the idea of the fourth meal, but what they don’t know is that it’s already been happening for a while! But if this is becoming a real thing and then it’s acceptable to eat an additional meal, then we’re all for it! We’re especially loving this concept because the gap between lunch and dinner is sometimes a bit too long, so this is just giving that snack time an official title in 2018.

Looking for some snack inspiration that is actually made of the good stuff? Check out GB Chew and Adonis.

5) West African Cuisine

This type of cuisine is loved by many, but compared to other cuisines, there aren’t as many people cooking this style at home aside from those born into the culture. However, we’re seeing a lot more people changing this and introducing West African cooking to the world and we’re excited to see this revolution.

Get recipe inspiration from The Vegan Nigerian and cook with Marie's Little Jars to introduce yourself to West African cuisine.

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