Hilary Marsh
Hilary Marsh
3 January 2018

Dry January doesn't have to be boring

As many people are attempting dry January, we've been thinking of ways you can reduce your alcohol intake without compromising on flavour...

Botonique is a botanical soft drink which resembles a good sparkling wine, but with a unique taste. Although it doesn’t taste like wine, it complements wine in various ways; it has the balance of dryness and acidity of a dry white wine.

Topped with a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to replenish those that alcohol uses up, it means you won't be hanging the next day.

Botonique have come up with some non-alcoholic drinks to make Dry January more interesting.

Coco Boto

A light and refreshing drink with a tropical twist.

Cucumber Cooler

An effortless refreshing drink with a touch of cucumber.

Black Beauty

A quick and simple way to make a blackcurrant flavoured soft drink.

Basil Refresher

A mix of basil, elderflower and Botonique to create a fragrant and refreshing taste.

Find all of these Botonique recipes on Tabl.

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