Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
22 December 2017

How to carve a turkey like a boss

Cooking a turkey is no mean feat, it takes hours to get it perfect. We want to make sure that your turkey looks just as good on the plate as it does off it. We've come up with our top tips to make sure you carve it like a boss.

It's all in the prep

Don't be too eager, your turkey will need to sit for at least 30 minutes before you even think about carving it. This rest time allows the turkey to soak up all the juices, giving you a delicious turkey. Don't fret about it going cold either, the turkey will actually still be cooking and the temperature will actually go up after you've taken it out!

Don't carve it at the table

It may seem more theatrical but trust us, things are going to get messy. You don't want to be getting turkey juice on Auntie Margaret. Use a carving board and have an area cleared and a plate prepared to transfer your meat on to.

Use a really sharp knife

That may sound like a given but a dull knife is quite dangerous and may cause an injury. A sharp knife will also make your life so much easier and will help you keep the delicious skin on your cuts too. No one wants to miss out on the best bit.

Start with the extremities

Always start with the drumsticks and wings removing these first makes everything easier in the long run. You can always send them in to your guests to give them a preview of what's to come!

Let your turkey guide you

When it's time to get to the best bit, the breast meat, use the breastbone as a guide. When removing the breast meat, you want to use the breastbone as a guide. Glide your knife down one side of the breast meat, and then, with your knife, start prying it away from the bone.

Wishing you and your a very Merry Christmas and a well-carved turkey. If you have any top carving tips, we'd love to hear them. Let us know at

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