Ali Coleman
Ali Coleman
15 December 2017

Around the world in Christmas dinners

Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, trifle, these are all the makings of the perfect Christmas dinner. It can all get a bit samesie though, right? We decided to go on a hunt to see what other weird and wonderful things people eat for Christmas across the world. From cakes that idolise a sea creature that looks like an alien to fried chicken, there’s something for everyone.

Sweden | Janssons Frestelse

The literal translation means Jansson’s Temptation. It is said that the inspiration for the dish was a food-loving Swedish Opera singer in the 1900’s, Mr Janzon. This quickly became a staple on Christmas tables across Sweden. It’s a mix of onions, potatoes, anchovies and cream. So simple yet so yum!

Portugal | Lampreia de Ovos

Originating in Leira the Lampreia de Ovos is a cake inspired by the much revered, sea lamprey (you need to google what it looks like). This sweet egg cake has all of the great elements; almonds, caramel and icing sugar. It would make a great addition to the Christmas table...just make sure not to get the real thing.

Poland | Bigos

Originating in medieval times Bigos is still a firm favourite in Polish households. An assortment of finely chopped meat is mixed with sauerkraut and fresh white cabbage. The beauty of Bigos is that it’s not only warming and feels like a hug when you eat it, it’s super easy to make. More time to rest, sounds good to us!

Guetemala | Tamales coloarados, negros, chuchitos

Dating back to the Aztec and Maya civilisations Tamales were first used for hunting trips as they were portable and travelled well. Skip forward a few years and there is a Tamale for every occasion, in particular, the tamales negros. The black tamale is filled with dried plums, nuts and comes in a chocolate-based sauce. Make sure you only put one on your plate at a time though, or you may be getting coal from Santa this year.

Japan | Fried Chicken

Or more importantly fried chicken from the Colonel himself. After an incredibly successful Christmas campaign by KFC in the 70’s, dining at their restaurants has become the thing to do on Christmas day. It’s estimated that approx 3.6 million Japanese people will tuck into a bucket this Christmas. Saves the washing up I guess?

Do you have a weird or wonderful Christmas dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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