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Learn the story of the immigrants that shaped the San Francisco food scene and how San Francisco shaped them. Many foods that are commonly thought of as Mexican and Chinese were actually invented in San Francisco. The Mission embodies an ever changing melting pot of flavours and culture along with award winning recipes that tell a story of a revolutionary city that has been shaped by significant social movements.

By booking on our San Francisco Secret Food Tours, we will take you on a tasting adventure with both delicious foods, drinks and with some mouth-watering local and international influences. We will entertain you with stories of the city and its history, and you will end up with a belly full of food and a greater understanding of the cuisine, the culture and fusion that created it.

Plus, with all our tours, there is our Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the day.

Available to book from April 1st 2017 to December 23rd 2017

Dietary requirements: Vegetarian options available


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