Made in London, UK

Artisan Selection Box

880 grams

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We now hold a range of exceptional quality, handmade and artisan cheeses in stock. For your selection box we will choose from the best of what's available in our smokehouse. Cheese on rotation but might typically include: 1 x Twice Smoked Cheddar (min. 170g )  1 x Smoked Soft cheese (e.g. Smoked Pie d'Angloys (min. 200g ) or Smoked Morbier au Lait (min. 170g)) 1 x Blue (e.g. Colston Basset Stilton or Blue de Gex (min. 170g)) 1 x Hard Cheese (e.g. Comte or Abondance (min 175g)) 1 x Soft/softer Cheese (e.g. Brillat-Savarin, Tomme, Saint-Nectair (min. 170g)). Equivalent (or better) replacements may be made.

Made with

Cheese, smoke from oak and apple wood

Allergy Information

Contains milk

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London Smoke and Cure

  • Fresh
  • Sustainable
  • Salmon

An innovative little smokehouse out to change your perception of how good food can get.

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